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Dokter Toksini Kekasih dengan Kopi Campur Obat Anti Pembekuan Darah

Jakarta, Bila miliki kekasih seseorang dokter, baiknya jangan sampai membuatnya geram, atau mengakibatkan mungkin saja fatal seperti yang dihadapi seseorang dokter di Hosuton. Dia diracuni obat pembekuan darah yang digabung kopi oleh kekasihnya yang keduanya sama seseorang dokter. Dr Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo (42 th.) didakwa bersalah karna menyimpan etilena glikol, bahan yang seringkali diketemukan dalam obat antibeku, kedalam secangkir kopi lantas disuguhi pada Dr George Blumenschein. Peristiwa ini berlangsung dirumah Gonzalez-Angulo di Houston pada bln. Januari kemarin. Blumenschein memanglah di kenal suka pada kopi hitam. Saat dimana membeli kopi hijau ajukan pertanyaan kenapa kopinya merasa manis, Gonzalez-Angulo menyebutkan kalau dia memasukkan pemanis di dalamnya.

Tidak menyimpan berprasangka buruk kalau ada toksin didalam kopi yang dia minum, Blumenschein menandaskan secangkir kopi itu. Tetapi apa yang berlangsung? Kurun waktu 4 jam selanjutnya, Blumenschein jadi bicara cadel, limbung serta kekuatan motorik halusnya terganggu. Dia lalu mesti dirawat dirumah sakit sesudah 16 jam. Dokter menyebutkan dia alami depresi system saraf pusat, komplikasi cardiopulmonary serta tidak berhasil ginjal.

Hasil tes mengungkap kalau kandungan etilena glikol yang dikonsumsinya dapat menyebabkan fatal. Blumenschein mesti melakukan dialisis serta sekarang ini tengah dalam dimana membeli kopi hijau perawatan dokter. Gonzalez-Angulo yang dicurigai berniat meracuni juga di tangkap oleh kepolisian pada tangal 29 Mei 2013 kemarin. Gonzalez-Angulo serta Blumenschein adalah rekanan kerja, keduanya yaitu pakar kanker di The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center di Houston.

Tidak cuma itu, keduanya dikenal juga jadi sepasang kekasih, tetapi belum juga terang di ketahui problem apa yang berlangsung pada jalinan keduanya. " " Dia yaitu seseorang warga serta ilmuwan, terpenting. Tuduhan ini betul-betul tidak cocok dengan kehidupan pribadi serta profesionalnya. Walau saya menghormati penegakan hukum, terang untuk saya kalau Kepolisian Texas memajukan tuntutan yang semestinya dimana membeli kopi hijau tidak sempat diserahkan, " " kata Derek Hollingsworth, pengacara Gonzalez-Angulo seperti ditulis ABC News, Senin (10/6/2013).

Pengadilan lantas melepas Gonzalez-Angulo pada tanggal 31 Mei dengan uang jaminan sebesar US$ 50 ribu atau sekitaran Rp 490 juta, tetapi paspornya diambil alih. Gagasannya, sidang atas perkara ini juga akan di gelar di Pengadilan Negeri Harris County pada tanggal 10 Juli kelak. (pah/vta)

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Why Need Hair Moisturizer?

Why Need Hair Moisturizer?
                        JAKARTA, Many women complain of dry and dull hair. What is the real cause of this problem? This could be due to lack of moisture. Just like the skin, the hair was also in need of moisturizing. During this time people may be more familiar conditioner because almost every packing shampoo, hair softener material is always there. In fact, to maintain freshness, strength, and beauty, hair also needs moisturizer or moisturizer. About 30 percent of the hair structure is comprised of water. The point, for the beauty of the hair and make it smooth, light, and easy to customize. The moisture content of 10-30 percent of normal hair. However, along with the modern lifestyle that is constantly changing, the moisture content of the hair is no longer sufficient. Some factors that may eliminate the natural moisture of the hair is deteriorating environmental conditions, such as high levels of pollution, hot sun, and dry air. Moreover, the conditions in the room, as the cold air-conditioning at home or in the workplace, as well as the handling of excessive hair can further reduce the moisture content of the hair. This statement is supported by the I Marta Rendon, MD, Medical Director of the Dermatology and Aesthetic Center in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. He explained that 50 percent of women with different hair types have a variety of problems associated with chemical processes, such as coloring and curling, as well as the climate. This problem causes the hair to insufficient blood levels of humidity so limp, not volume, and unruly. Skin health specialist, Dr Sjarif M. Wasitaatmadja, in a seminar on hair explained, various external influences certainly require effective treatment to restore moisture. One way, giving moisturizer in an amount sufficient for hair, either through shampoo and special care. Furthermore, a survey was conducted in the Laboratory Crudele, USA, with two different methods show that women are always confronted by a paradox in finding a balance between moisture and volume of hair. About 82 percent were afraid of hair which has the moisture content is hair limp and greasy. However, another equally large percentage (80 percent) indicated that the moisture content is an important thing to create the beauty of hair. To obtain impartial hair moisture content and volume needed shampoo containing moisturizer. The shampoo will give the moisture content in sufficient quantities, but would not let the hair look limp and greasy. Then, how to use conditioner or softener that is known so far? Maybe people assume that the moisturizer has the effect and way of working together with the conditioner. And, in fact moisturizer is a moisturizer that works as a whole, both from within and outside the workings of the so-called humectant and occlusive. A natural humectant, meaning that moisturize the hair by pulling moisturizer to the hair that makes the hair more hydrated. With increasing levels of hydration of the hair, the hair becomes finer, lighter, and easier to handle. Occlusive, which means adding a material that can coat the surface of the hair and provide lubrication to helaiannya effect. The goal, improving sensory effects dry and dull hair smooth and soft. Compared with moisturizer, conditioner substances contained in only one part of the work by coating the hair shaft. In normal hair, moisturizer will keep the humidity, while on dry hair, helps replace lost moisture. Moisturizer will also balance the moisture in the hair greasy. Caring for the hair in the rainy season splash of rain water, no matter how small, has the potential to make hair limp, tangled and unsightly. Various treatment of your hair everyday and before traveling in wet weather is very influential on the condition of hair. Here are some tips to keep the hair to keep it tidy, healthy and clean during the rainy season. Do not use hairspray or gel during the rainy season. The ingredients in hair cosmetics are in contact with rain water will be attached to the scalp and cause dandruff. Every night before bed, massage the scalp with fingertips for circulation. Do creambath regularly, at least once every two weeks in order to keep the hair away from the problem. Long hair should be tied, braided, or pinned neatly over the head if you like out of the room. Short hair should be styled as simple as possible so that even wet in the rain, when dry hair model is not much different. If you travel frequently you should select a short haircut. Short hair is more easily combed and dried. If you still want long hair, dry it immediately so caught some rain. Bring towels and hairdryer are always small in your bag. Do pomade. Oil meets water will cause odor. Perform regular maintenance or at least wash every other day with the use of a conditioner or moisturizer or moisturizer regularly. Another tip about the hair: There are women who are hesitant to wear the shampoo for men, and vice versa. In fact, the basic ingredient is the same shampoo. What distinguishes shampoo women and men only in fragrances are added. If the hair is too limp and wanted to look more expanded, after shampooing rinse with salt water. Put one spoon of salt in a bucket of water, flush the hair, then dry as usual. @ Lalang Ken Handita

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7 Things Difficult Weight Loss - Comp

7 Things Difficult Weight Loss - Comp
is trying to lose weight but find it difficult? Here are 7 common barriers that might make it difficult to achieve the target weight diinginkan.1. You are looking for info on the internet "World Wide Web" is now full of information that is often misleading. If you search for the words "" weight loss "" in Google, 220 million results you will get. For a guide to weight loss and fitness are trustworthy, you can count on a doctor of nutrition at a special clinic badan.2 weight. Skipping makanMencoba suppress the desire to eat with a purpose "" save "" calories for later would be a boomerang that can cause you to overeat at the next meal. Stick to the schedule meals and snacking right to avoid energy shortages. 3. Do not cook in rumahMakanan-food sold outside the home have more sodium, fat and calories than what you cook at home because we can control the ingredients. 4. Not having rencanaSebuah little preparation would be useful for long-term journey. Avoid feeling impulsive when shopping by making a weekly menu and also notes belanja.5. Forgot berolahragaMenentukan realistic workout goals is as important as making dietary changes. Regular exercise not only helps burn calories but also can increase lean body mass, which is also beneficial for the metabolism tubuh.6. Limiting makananKurang meal did not make the weight down, it could have the opposite effect. Reduce your intake of food usually make your metabolism slower because your body thinks we are '' hungry '' so that they will save a backup kalori.7. SendiriTerkadang too hard on yourself, the best way to stay on track is to deviate from your plan. Trying to avoid entirely high calorie foods you love will only be frustrated. Occasionally have the pleasure so you can maintain a healthy relationship with food. (Gibran Linggau)

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4 Foods That Can Reduce Stress and Weight Bada

4 Foods That Can Reduce Stress and Weight Bada
When you're stressed, you will certainly hear voices in his head to eat ice cream, fried potatoes, or potato chips. But wait, even though the food is very tempting, in fact there are better choices you can consume to reduce anxiety and stress that you feel.
The good, the food is not going to increase the size of your waist. Here are four foods that are recommended by Keri Gans, M: S, R.D., author of The Small Change Diet.

The fruit is very rich in vitamin B, which has been shown to relieve stress, in addition to the content of unsaturated fats and fiber will help you feel full longer. Gans recommends to eat half an avocado coupled with a little lemon juice on it. This is good for the digestive system and the soft texture of an avocado can pay your desire to eat ice cream.
Chocolate milk
Want something sweet? Milk chocolate can be a good choice for you. "Cookelat Milk contains potassium, which will help relieve stiff muscles, when you are experiencing physical stress," says Gans. However, make sure you eat a low-fat chocolate milk.
This fiber-rich foods will keep you full and in a short time will lower your sytres levels. "Hhavermut help produce the hormone serotonin, which will make the body feel comfortable," said Gans.
Add nonfat milk when eating oatmeal, to provide extra protein and calcium in the body. Also add almonds to provide additional fiber.
Fruits low in calories snagat good to be consumed, but also can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the body. Raspberry is a fruit that has the ability to relieve stress, antioxidants and vitamin C content was also high. Thus, the immune system will be maintained.
"You can eat them as a breakfast menu with a mixture of Greek yogurt. Stress is missing, penccernaan smoothly, the weight is preserved, "said Gans.
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Pilih Jeans Sesuai sama Bentuk Bokong

cara mengecilkan perut setelah melahirkan

Pilih Jeans Sesuai sama Bentuk Bokong

Rasa-rasanya tak ada orang yg tidak sukai menggunakan jeans. Tetapi, pilih jeans yang telah memakai ukuran standard bakal menyusahkan kita yg tidak mempunyai bentuk badan yang prima. Tak tahu pinggul yang lebar, berlekuk, atau rata. Bukannya terasa nyaman dengan jeans itu, Anda jadi ribet membenarkan celana yang seakan melorot selalu, atau menghimpit perut Anda. Nah, untuk Anda yang masihlah belum temukan jenis jeans yang sesuai sama bentuk badan, 6 pilihan berikut ini dapat jadi pilihan. 1.  Bokong rendah/turunBila Anda dahulu punya kebiasaan olahraga, tetapi saat ini sekalipun tidak mengerjakannya, mungkin saja pantat Anda bakal turun. Terlebih apabila diikuti dengan diet yo-yo yang bikin berat tubuh Anda naik-turun dengan cepat. Karenanya, Anda butuh jeans dengan jenis yang dapat mengangkat pantat Anda. Tentukan jeans dengan jenis slim-fit, yang memberi ilusi pantat yang lebih tinggi lantaran kaki Anda tampak lebih panjang serta ramping.  Hindari jeans yg tidak diperlengkapi dengan saku belakang. Saku, terlebih yang dihiasi jahitan yang sedikit meriah, bakal mengalihkan perhatian orang dari pantat Anda. Tanpa ada detil itu, pantat bakal tampak lebih rendah serta lebar dari yang sesungguhnya. Cobalah : Gap jeans. 2. Pantat rataUntuk bikin pantat lebih terangkat serta berikan dampak penuh, Anda butuh jeans yang memakai bahan stretch seperti Lycra, saku belakang dengan jarak sedikit berjauhan, serta aksen jahitan untuk menyatakan dampak bulat. Yang paling utama, jauhi jeans yang ketat. Untuk Anda yang berpinggul lebar,  hindari jeans jenis pria yang pinggulnya lurus lantaran bakal semakin menghimpit pantat Anda. Cobalah : Bisou Bisou for JCPenney. 3. Pantat curvy/berlekukAnda mempunyai pinggang yang ramping, tetapi pantat lebar serta penuh? Anda mungkin saja gampang saja temukan jeans yang dapat menyimpan semua pinggul, tetapi sisi pinggang umumnya bakal menganga.  Jeans dengan pinggang yang tinggi serta garis batas keliman diatas saku belakang dapat berperan menahan lekukan badan Anda. Anda dapat juga kenakan jeans stretch yang menghindar pantat turun.  Coba : Old Navy. 4. Pantat tenggelamBokong seperti ini lebih tidak tebal dari pada pantat rata ; bisa disebut tidak ada suatu hal juga yang menonjol dari sisi itu. Karenanya dibutuhkan trick untuk membuat pantat, yakni dengan kenakan jeans yang dihiasi detil meriah seperti saku dengan penutup,  berkancing,  juga bordir atau jahitan warna-warni.  Detail ini bakal menolong memberi volume pada pantat. Cobalah :  American Eagle Outfitters. 5. Pantat segitigaPinggul Anda melebar ke arah paha, hingga Anda butuh lakukan penyeimbangan. Jeans yang pas untuk bentuk pantat seperti ini yaitu yang terbuat berbahan semi stretch, untuk menolong bikin basic pantat lebih bulat. Tentukan jeans dengan letak saku belakang yang tinggi ke arah pinggang. Hal semacam ini bikin perhatian terlalu fokus di bagian tengah pantat, serta tak akan pada paha yang melebar. Cobalah : Levi's. 6. Pantat lebarAgar pantat yang lebar tampak lebih ramping, jauhi jeans berkaki lurus serta lebar seperti jenis palazzo.  Model seperti ini cuma bakal memerlihatkan sisi yang lebar sampai ke bawah. Demikian sebaliknya, jauhi juga jeans jenis skinny yang bakal menyatakan pinggul yang lebar, serta mengecil dibawah. Jeans yang paling pas untuk type bokong seperti ini yaitu yang berkaki lurus (straight leg) atau boot-cut, yang diperlengkapi dengan saku berjarak dekat yang bakal menarik perhatian di bagian tengah. Jenis ini bakal menyeimbangkan lebarnya pinggul dengan lebar kaki celana, menonjolkan lekuk badan Anda yang paling baik. Cobalah : Lee.

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Tidur sampai larut malam Memengaruhi Berat Tubuh, Apakah benar?

Tidur sampai larut malam Memengaruhi Berat Tubuh, Apakah benar?


Jakarta, Bagaimana supaya orang seumur saya dapat gemuk? Saya senantiasa terlambat tidur bila malam. Saya paling lambat tidur jam 4 subuh, apakah itu punya pengaruh pada berat tubuh saya? Alif Ilham Akbar (Pria lajang, 22 th.) alifyuyoXXXXX@gmail. comTinggi tubuh 175 cm, berat tubuh 49 kgJawabanHalo Alif, Ya benar sekali bila Anda kurang tidur jadi bakal susah jadi gemuk terlebih bila tak tidur lantas tak makan juga. Lain dengan orang yg tidak dapat tidur lantas kerjanya makan selalu, nah itu mudah jadi obese. Pada saat tidur itu hormon perkembangan (growth hormone) kita malah dilepaskan hingga banyak perkembangan serta pergantian berlangsung waktu kita tidur. Bila Anda tak tidur, growth hormone itu jadi susah dilepaskan serta badan susah untuk bertumbuh. Leona Victoria Djajadi MNDMaster of Nutrition and Dietetics (Pakar Gizi) dari University of Sydney. Dengan ketertarikan spesial pada program diet untuk oncology, cardiology, diabetes, gastrointestinal and life modification program diets. Pengasuh Klinik Gizi Keluarga http :// www. klinikgizi. informasi /. Follow twitter @Leona_victoria. (hrn/ajg)